Field Equipment Commissioning and Operations Services

Efficiency and safety are top-of-mind factors for any Plant Manager in the Petroleum Industry. ISS Global-Calortech provides complete commissioning services which includes:

  • Instruments Calibrations
  • PLC control safety program simulation check
  • Commissioning the equipment and put it on production load
  • HAZOP evaluations
  • Site Acceptance Tests (SAT)
  • Field Operators Training (Process, Operation, Maintenance & Trouble Shooting)

ISS Global-Calortech can also provide 24/7 field operational supervision of field equipment or actual full operation. This involves providing competent services for all operational activities including:

Continuous vigilance for safe efficient operation

Identification of bottlenecks

Troubleshoot failures

Suggest solutions to reduce breakdowns hence improve productivity


ISS Global-Calortech.




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